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Find the words that make your products shine in a way that is hard to do yourself.

Writing content can be one of the hardest things to do – especially when it is something really close to your heart. Petra will find the words that make your products shine in a way that is hard to do yourself, creating content for your website, brochures, or even that book that you need help to pen.

Petra specialises in food writing and product development. Allow Petra to expose the potential in your business that you have not yet realised.

An active blogger and reviewer, Petra writes for a number of publications and online media channels and has published several books. She also helps coordinates books for a number authors-in-the-making and prominent local identities, guiding them through the writing, design and publication process.

Some of the things that Petra can help you with:

  • Reviews
  • eBooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Content editing & advice
  • Product development
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating quality website & blog content

Speak to Petra about your writing needs…

Visit my blog – Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds:

I love the innovation on the Sunshine Coast. New food trends see new businesses catering to these trends, and I love how producers have become so adaptable and intuitive to the needs of chefs and the culinary creative. This is very much the case with The Greenshed, a Sunshine Coast [...]
Mon, May 15, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
Spanner crabs are not new to me, but it has been some time since I had quality fresh spanner crab and I forgot how GOOD it is. There is nothing quite like a spanner crab, live, straight from the boat and into the boiling water. Sensational! And before I get [...]
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
I have been quite fascinated by the whole concept of foraging. It has always been on my radar, and over the years I have met a number of chefs / cooks / producers and people who just love doing it, who have broadened their own food horizons to include a [...]
Tue, Mar 07, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
I am a sucker for a pig story. I don't know what it is but I just love pigs – both on the plate and off! If there is an opportunity to visit a farm and interact with some piggies, it doesn't take much to convince me. It was with this [...]
Mon, Feb 20, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
I love a good roadtrip, and a visit to Bunya Red Farm near Kingaroy was the perfect incentive. Having discovered Bunya Red Farm's fabulous capers and caperberries, some time ago, I was keen to find out more about their production and discover more about Mandy Evan's journey of innovation that led [...]
Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
I often say, I love all of my producers, and I do. And I know I shouldn't have favourites, but when it comes to Mighty Bean Tempeh, and the two absolutely beautiful souls behind it, Julie and Michael Joyce, I can't help it… they are one of my favourite producers [...]
Sun, Jan 29, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
Our Farm to Your Plate is a pastured beef producer based at Gunalda, north of Gympie. They are relatively new to the direct beef sales industry, though not at all new to the lifestyle and hard work to make it all happen, producing quality pastured beef that has been grass [...]
Fri, Jan 27, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
I recently visited the home of my favourite Sunshine Coast honey producer, Hum Honey. Lovely Leisa Samms and her husband Tony, are based in Peachester, a very pretty part of the Sunshine Coast. High on the range, you are surrounded by many wonderful vantage points on their property, one in [...]
Tue, Jan 24, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
Ahhh. Whangaroa you have my heart. It would have to be one of the hidden jewels of the earth. Part of me wants to say, ‘Go there go there'. They other part wants me to stay silent so it retains its unspoilt beauty and tranquillity and it can just be [...]
Thu, Jan 12, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
Visiting Sunshine Coast beef producer Maleny Black Angus Beef in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland… There is nothing quite like the taste of grass fed beef. The only problem is, what is often passed off as grass fed, isn't really, and the point of difference to observe here, is that what [...]
Tue, Jan 03, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
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