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This is me

Petra Frieser
Petra FrieserCreative Director

My Skills…

  • Wordpress Websites – new or redesign
  • Photography – specialising in food
  • Writing / Editing
  • Publishing – specialising in small runs and off-shore printing
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Product development
  • Social Media – let’s get you started!
  • Training – WordPress basics to help you manage your own site
  • Business Consultation – let’s make the most of your skills

Who Am I?

I am Petra Frieser… Creative Director (award winning), Designer, Photographer, Product Developer, Author, Publisher, Reviewer, Web Designer, Small Business Consultant, ‘major ideas person’ and self proclaimed dreamer and entrepreneur.

As an author, photographer and consultant, I draw from my vast industry experience in retail, design, web development, photography, marketing, advertising, product development, writing and publishing to deliver the complete package to small businesses looking for innovative and inspiring solutions to create awareness, recognition and success for their products and industry. I specialise in food related industries, understanding the industry as consumer, retailer, producer and reviewer. I also run a small boutique publishing and consulting company that specialises in creative content for the Sunshine Coast’s food and beverage industries and write for number of industry related blogs and publications.

I benefits from firsthand experience in the industry, having grown up on a farm, written and published 3 of my own books (numerous others for clients) and managed the family’s chain of retail businesses for 12 years, and well as my own web and design businesses. I understand the issues a lot of businesses face and look for effective and manageable solutions to help businesses grow and create exposure for their industries or business. I have a comprehensive background in web development, online technologies and social media.

I think out of the square, embracing new technologies and ideas, and make it a rule to have fun with my clients, whilst giving them the skills to confidently manage ensuing creations.  Most importantly I work closely with my clients to help them to understand processes employed and maintaining that relationship, continually providing ongoing support as their business grows.

Looking forward to helping you make your business the success it serves to be!

My Blogging activity

A little more about me

I am based in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast, where I live with wonderful husband, and our lives pretty much consists of food, food and more food.

For me it is all about inspiration and creation, especially when it concerns food.

I love to dine in, I love to eat out.  I love to cook, I love to be cooked for. I love to read about food and foodies and everything within the realm of food.  I love the smell, the taste, the textures – there is not a thing about food that does not in some way capture my imagination. It’s also as much about the imagery. That is how I came to be a food photographer, creator and passionate consumer. I find the whole foodie thing visually awe inspiring. Whether it is the produce itself, or the producers, I find the entire food connection fascinating and moreover a load of fun.

While I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years, and it is without a doubt my favourite corner of the world, I grew up in North East Victoria in King Valley, a region now know for its exquisite wines and regional cuisine, which laid a strong foundation.

Many people have often asked me how I came to get involved in the food industry in the way I have, and the truth of it is, I just fell into it. The passion has always been there, ever since I was a child.

I have been fortunately to be able to develop a career out of my passion, which continues to evolve.

I have spent the last 15 years scouring markets and developing initiatives in how to generate more interest in the Sunshine Coast Regional Food movement and years before that collating information and contacts in a hope to develop something tangible that will make a difference to the Sunshine Coast’s food industry. I just want everyone to love and support regional food as much as I do. ‘Food is life’ so surely ‘good food’ equates to ‘good life’!

Over the years I have morphed into a photographer focusing largely on food and flowers as my subjects and I frequently consult on many things food related as well as writing the restaurant reviews for a number of publications, a job that was more of a favourite pastime than a job in the real sense of the word.

I am also the author, designer, photographer and publisher of three food related books; A Gourmet Odyssey – Noosa to Mooloolaba; Ginger – the flavours and the flowers; Shane Stanley’s Noosa Farmers’ Market.

And… the Creative Director, Administrator and Developer of Local Harvest – The Sunshine Coast Food Directory (www.sunshinecoastregionalfood.com) an online directory of Sunshine Coast based foods, that continues to grow.

While food is definitely my passion, of recent times I have become involved in other projects that have captured my interest would so I created Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds (www.pebblesandpomegranateseeds.com.au), a travel / lifestyle blog as a bit of a hub for all of my interests and where I document the experience either through my images or through the written word.

My journey has led me down various forks (pardon the pun) in the road, and while food is the common thread in all that I do, it is the passion that burns behind the food that has led me be the most captivated.

I am a dreamer, so I am inevitably drawn to other dreamers, and the food industry seems to be full of dreamers. I love nothing more than to explore and discover and through food it has led me to discover many others who also like to dream… largely about food.  Their dream might be of the perfect recipe, the perfect produce or the perfect lifestyle.  I find these people inspiring and have learnt so much through these associations, and my journey had only just begun.  The projects that I have developed and am currently developing are part of this journey, following my dreams, but to be part of other people’s dreams and their journeys… all of which inspire me to continue to seek out, learn about and promote those who share their passions in order to live the dream.

If you would like to read more about me, and my story and background in the food industry (and have endless time on your hands), please visit Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds

Some of my highlights


Petra did an amazing job in the planning, creating and designing of our beautiful website. The website was needed when I opened my chiropractic clinic in 2011. Petra was very efficient, prompt and accessible with her work and communication between herself and us as clients. Petra understood our aim, plus the image and content we wanted to portray. Furthermore, Petra was a great guide to us in creating the best design, structure and layout for our website. She had the good ability of keeping us on task with the content, which was very much appreciated. As we were new to managing our own website, Petra was very helpful in teaching us the ropes on how to manage and update, as well as how to incorporate our social media platform on our new fantastic website.
Yolanda Jennings, Well Balanced Chiropractic
Petra’s creative and artistic talents go without saying. Just look at her previous achievements!! Her ability to listen and visualise with such an open mind is a rare and unique talent. Creating the desired look, feel and message of an entire website without losing sight of the clients requirements is an outstanding skill that Petra owns. Her clear thinking and approach with each and every task is accomplished with eagerness and total commitment. Not only is Petra a talent genius in web design, she has optimism and willingness to get the job done properly. My personal favourite is that she explains the details of running the website in simple terms so nothing becomes too daunting. Thats a big one for me!
Mary Johnston, Flow Therapy
Petra created my On the Ridge Cooking School website; we worked closely together, consulting well along the way. She gave sensational advice and support, plus she went well above all my expectations in every way. I needed photos to support and provide interest on the website; she is also professional photographer and takes fabulous photos. We had two photo shoots, one an all-day affair, both providing me with photos which I still use in my marketing programs. In 2010, Petra created my next website for my new cooking school in Melbourne, Cooking on the Bay. It is also a wonderfully attractive and easy to use website, with all the necessary features. She also set up my Facebook page for Cooking on the Bay. My clients often comment on how good my websites look and how easy they are to navigate. Petra understood exactly what my requirements were; made excellent recommendations and suggestions and consequently, the results have always been sensational.
Tonya Jennings, Cooking on the Bay

Some of my photographic work

Some of my interests for you to follow

I love the innovation on the Sunshine Coast. New food trends see new businesses catering to these trends, and I love how producers have become so adaptable and intuitive to the needs of chefs and the culinary creative. This is very much the case with The Greenshed, a Sunshine Coast [...]
Mon, May 15, 2017
Source: Pebbles + Pomegranate Seeds
Spanner crabs are not new to me, but it has been some time since I had quality fresh spanner crab and I forgot how GOOD it is. There is nothing quite like a spanner crab, live, straight from the boat and into the boiling water. Sensational! And before I get [...]
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
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I have been quite fascinated by the whole concept of foraging. It has always been on my radar, and over the years I have met a number of chefs / cooks / producers and people who just love doing it, who have broadened their own food horizons to include a [...]
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I am a sucker for a pig story. I don't know what it is but I just love pigs – both on the plate and off! If there is an opportunity to visit a farm and interact with some piggies, it doesn't take much to convince me. It was with this [...]
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I love a good roadtrip, and a visit to Bunya Red Farm near Kingaroy was the perfect incentive. Having discovered Bunya Red Farm's fabulous capers and caperberries, some time ago, I was keen to find out more about their production and discover more about Mandy Evan's journey of innovation that led [...]
Sun, Feb 19, 2017
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I often say, I love all of my producers, and I do. And I know I shouldn't have favourites, but when it comes to Mighty Bean Tempeh, and the two absolutely beautiful souls behind it, Julie and Michael Joyce, I can't help it… they are one of my favourite producers [...]
Sun, Jan 29, 2017
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Our Farm to Your Plate is a pastured beef producer based at Gunalda, north of Gympie. They are relatively new to the direct beef sales industry, though not at all new to the lifestyle and hard work to make it all happen, producing quality pastured beef that has been grass [...]
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I recently visited the home of my favourite Sunshine Coast honey producer, Hum Honey. Lovely Leisa Samms and her husband Tony, are based in Peachester, a very pretty part of the Sunshine Coast. High on the range, you are surrounded by many wonderful vantage points on their property, one in [...]
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Ahhh. Whangaroa you have my heart. It would have to be one of the hidden jewels of the earth. Part of me wants to say, ‘Go there go there'. They other part wants me to stay silent so it retains its unspoilt beauty and tranquillity and it can just be [...]
Thu, Jan 12, 2017
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Visiting Sunshine Coast beef producer Maleny Black Angus Beef in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland… There is nothing quite like the taste of grass fed beef. The only problem is, what is often passed off as grass fed, isn't really, and the point of difference to observe here, is that what [...]
Tue, Jan 03, 2017
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